Masterclass: Brand Management

15:00 - 16:30

Masterclass Area 2A

Brand Marketing, Brand Growth, Brand Content, Brand Performance, Brand Communication, Digital Brand Management, Brand Engagement  and so on. Brand is probably one of the most used terms within the (sports) marketing world.

How can a brand be effectively managed in today’s busy and fast pacing environments? Can a brand still be managed or has brand management turned into a mission impossible?

This masterclass is aiming to give an overview and provide orientation in the brand-buzzword jungle. In this masterclass we will outline... 

… the different action areas within brand management.
… how to develop a brand design.
… how to make use of sound as a brand element.
… what great brand communication is all about.



Bernd Schusky

Former Head of Brand Communication, DFL

Jeremias Schmitt

Managing Partner, 5Wx new ventures GmbH | Head of Transformation & Strategy, Fuenfwerken Design AG