Masterclass: Business Development

15:00 - 16:30

Masterclass Area 1B

The Masterclass „Business Development“ deals with new, primarily digital opportunities to enlarge the core football business and to enhance the direct contact with client groups in order to develop revenue potentials.

The keynote by Philipp Liesenfeld, Head of Department Corporate Development & eSports, 1. FC Köln, deals with the potentials of new business models: „The professional football business is more successful than ever before and is facing the most relevant transformation and change process since its beginnings – as in many industries digitalisation and a constantly changing consumer pattern drives companies into ever faster transformation processes and new business models“. Liesenfeld asks the following question: „How can we develop exisiting business models and safeguard sustainable growth and establish new business models“?

Who wants to develop digital business, needs to work in all dimensions: business model, product and operations.

The masterclass deals with the changes in our society, especially the changing consumer patterns of generations X, Y and Z and the potentials of digitalisation and artificial intelligence and how each particpant may implement this in his/her own business. 



Philipp Liesenfeld

Head of Department Corporate Development & eSports, 1. FC Köln

Tom Hines

Head of Media, Arsenal FC

Robert Kaspar

Assistant Professor for Sports Management, Seeburg Castle University | Moderation