Masterclass: Fan Engagement

15:00 - 16:30

Masterclass Area 2B

Part 1: Fan Engagement by Bas Schnater

Part 2: OX Connect - Turn your Fans into Superfans
Visit our Masterclass to learn how important it is to "de-anonymize" your (digital) target group and strengthen the bond between your fans and you as a club, turning reach into revenue. Open-Xchange has developed an innovative cloud based fan communication package “OX Connect". With OX Connect, you can create a club branded personalized package (including mailbox, calendar and cloud storage) strengthening your interaction and engagement with fans and fan clubs, expanding the reach of the brand and creating a more manageable channel to deliver exclusive club content. Open-Xchange is the world's largest email & communication SaaS provider to Telcos, hosters and ISP's with over 220 million customers worldwide (GoDaddy, Orange, Vodafone and many more) - fully GDPR and DSGVO compliant.



Florian Steps

VP Business Development, Open-Xchange

Adar Ziv

Senior Manager - Business Development, Open-Xchange

Bas Schnater

Founder, Fan Engagement Consultancy